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To Sammy With Love Robbie Byrnes

To Sammy With Love

Robbie Byrnes

Published July 6th 2013
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

Peter Symonds is a married man with two children and a successful career. He is proud that he has ‘the best of both worlds’. Not only does he enjoy his heterosexual lifestyle but also every Friday night he trolls the male bathhouses in Melbourne, to satiate his homosexual needs.However, increasingly he has become disenchanted and tired of living a lie.Then on a Friday night, he meets an attractive young man, Sammy. This encounter sets off a chain of events resulting in a dramatic conclusion.The story deals with the ordeal of Peter’s coming out. As events take hold and assume a life of their own, Peter is forced to make painful decisions for his future.It is also the story of Sammy, cast out by his parents and family because he is gay. However, through the strength of his character we bond with Sammy, as he copes with his own harrowing ordeals.We also meet Billee, a beauty consultant and the golden boy Karl – a real German Adonis.This is a love story. A love story about two people – who happen to be gay.